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      Metal Price
      Scrap Monster
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      World's largest community of recycling professionals and traders
      The website ScrapMonster.com delivers over 2 million ad impressions every month, targeting scrap and recycling professionals in North America and worldwide, through a network of over 400,000 web pages.
      450,000 +
      monthly visits
      North American Readers
      ScrapMonster has over 75,000 registered members across the globe. Our members provide business information, along with product listings, which are shared with thousands of other members and global visitors to our site.
      Over 75,000 registered members
      Over 110,000 newletter subscribers
      Over 82,000 company profiles
      Company profiles with key contacts
      Readers from 128 Countries
      70% North American readers
      Scrapmonster members and visitors geographical details
      Scrapmonster website and newsletter advertisement formats
      Display Advertising

      ScrapMonster.com delivers over 2 million ad impressions per month to scrap and recycling industry professionals, through a network of over 100,000 web pages.

      You can put your brand and product in front of the pack, and take advantage of our highly targeted readership

      We work closely with our advertisers to optimize their campaigns and target specific areas of our network to produce high click through rates from highly qualified readers.

      Newsletter Sponsorships

      You can reach our members through dedicated emails and newsletter sponsorships. ScrapMonster's membership includes over 30,000 recycling professionals from small, medium, and large recycling companies

      Section Sponsorships

      Our network of over 400,000 pages includes many categories such as scrap/recycling news & reports, scrap prices, scrap equipment, B2B recycling marketplace, mining news & reports, gold & silver news & reports.

      You can sponsor an entire section and focus your brand directly to readers interested in the chosen category. The Section Sponsor will have a dedicated premium space to advertise products, services, company information, and news.

      Section sponsorships are limited to one sponsor per section

      If you're interested in our advertising opportunities, please contact Paul Ploumis at pploumis@scrapmonster.com or call 1 (954) 688-3088