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      Waste Advantage
      Waste Advantage
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      • : July 07, 2016
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      Waste Advantage Magazine is a valued business information resource for professionals in the solid waste and recycling industry. Reaching over 36,000 qualified subscribers through print and digital each month, Waste Advantage is respected for its insightful content and industry-leading MarketPlace where you can find new & used Garbage Trucks for sale, Rear Load Trucks for sale, Side Load Trucks for sale, Front Load Trucks for sale, Grapple Trucks for sale, Roll Off Trucks for sale, Refuse Trucks for sale, Compactors and Balers, Containers for sale, and various Safety and Recycling Equipment for sale.
      Articles by Waste Advantage
      SWANA Signs U.S. Plastics Pact
      The purpose is to collectively meet impactful goals by 2025 that stakeholders could not otherwise…
      Plastic RecyclingAugust 27th 2020
      Former Tesla CTO Focuses on Closed Loop Battery Recycling
      As a result, Straubel has launched a startup, Redwood Materials, to develop a closed loop…
      Waste & RecyclingAugust 27th 2020
      Diversified Plastics Inc. Announces New Manufacturing Facility in Social Circle, GA
      Since 1976, Diversified Plastics Inc. has been the leading rotational molding manufacturer of custom and…
      Waste & RecyclingAugust 27th 2020
      Workers’ Small Change to North Carolina Mountaintop Landfill Gets Big Results
      The rocky soil simply doesn’t have enough nutrients to hold the grass and the grass…
      Waste & RecyclingAugust 27th 2020
      The University of California Moves to Scrap Single-Use Plastics
      UC researchers have shown that plastics can have a significant impact on the environment as…
      Plastic RecyclingAugust 27th 2020
      Plastic Bag Ban Upheld by New York State Supreme Court
      But, even though the law technically took effect in the spring, the coronavirus pandemic delayed…
      Plastic RecyclingAugust 26th 2020
      Is Paper a More Sustainable Flexible Packaging Material Than Plastic?
      Wood Mackenzie’s global flexible packaging market analysis puts the market size for converter supplied flexible…
      Paper RecyclingAugust 26th 2020
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