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      African Crude Steel Production Saw Notable Decline
      The production jump in Libya and Egypt was inadequate to offset the huge decline in…
      Steel NewsAugust 27th 2020
      ICSG Published August 2020 Copper Bulletin
      Chile-the world’s largest copper mine producing country saw its output increase by 3.2%, aided by…
      CopperAugust 27th 2020
      China Steered 2.3% Surge in Asian Crude Steel Output
      The leading producer, China, accounted for almost 80% of the total regional output during the…
      Steel NewsAugust 27th 2020
      U.S. Finished Steel Imports Posted 19% Decline Till July
      The imports of?reinforcing bars and tin free steel surged higher significantly in July, higher by…
      Steel NewsAugust 26th 2020
      Europe Crude Steel Output Dipped 24%
      The top five steel producing countries in the region were Germany, Italy, France, Poland and…
      Steel NewsAugust 26th 2020
      South American Crude Steel Output Dropped in July
      The Brazilian production edged higher by 3.5% over the previous year.
      Steel NewsAugust 26th 2020
      Minsur Reveals Extent of Covid-19 Impact
      Over the entire first half of the year, which more accurately reflects the impact of…
      TinAugust 26th 2020
      Alphamin Exempt from DRC Smelting Requirements
      According to ITA research, the tin market is already over capacity, with a utilisation rate…
      TinAugust 26th 2020
      World's Topmost Crude Steel Producers in July 2020
      The cumulative steel output during the first seven months of 2020 totalled 1.027 million tonnes…
      Steel NewsAugust 25th 2020
      Crude Steel Output by North America Dipped 28%
      The Cuban crude steel production fell sharply by 73.3% year-on-year to around 5,000 tonnes.
      Steel NewsAugust 25th 2020
      World Crude Steel Output Down 2.5% in July
      The Middle East steel production was down marginally by 0.8%, worldsteel data said.
      Steel NewsAugust 25th 2020
      AIIS: Market Update-August 2020
      Quarterly records only go back to 1947, so the current numbers cannot be compared to…
      Steel NewsAugust 25th 2020